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STEP 2: Set up Player and Coach Registration Checklist for Each Event
Posted Apr 18, 2019

April 18, 2019 - Coach registration set up is being put on a temporary hold. You may still set up the player registration as outlined below and open for parent/guardians to complete the player registration process. However, recent changes surrounding federal legislation and mandates are being finalized and completed in U.S. Soccer Connect to ensure our coaches are properly registered in accordance with national laws. Iowa Soccer will communicate with club registrars when the coach registration set up is ready to go live.

The below steps are outlined on the Stack Sports family registration setup help articles pages, however some of the Iowa Soccer specific set up information is included below. You may use the Stack Sports set up guide, but please check back to this page for assistance to ensure your club is setting the events up according to Iowa Soccer membership rules and policies.

Setting up registration is a two-step process, because you must create and open a registration event for the players and the coaches. Both registrations set ups are covered below. 

  • Create your folder tree on the left-hand side under the 2019-2020 folder
    • Want to start from scratch? Use the TREE BUILDER method. Few notes:
      • Slide 1: Start your click on the 2019-2020 folder in your left side folder tree
      • Slide 3: Enter the program name (Recreational, Select, or Academy here)
      • Slide 4/5: Suggested to organize by Gender with Age Subfolders
      • Slide 6: U-Age Group REQUIRED for Iowa Soccer
      • Slide 7: You may keep single age groups, OR you may edit to merge into dual age groups (example: 9U and 10U birth range to cover the 10U age group)
    • Like the 2018-2019 folder set up and want to roll over age group folders for 2019-2020? Use the COPY AND ROLLOVER method. Few notes:
      • Slide 2: Drag your selected 2018-2019 event registration folder on top of the 2019-2020 folder.
      • To rollover, skip slides 3-6 and go straight to SLIDE 7
      • Slide 8: Your choice on whether to roll forward with or without teams. You can always remove/edit teams if you chose to rollover with teams. 

Step 1 of 2: Player Registration Set Up

You are ready to move on to STEP 2: COACH REGISTRATION SET UP on the next page.

**SEE NOTE ABOVE regarding Coach Registration set up on temporary hold.

The next section will take you into posting your player and coach registration events to you Iowa Soccer Live club website, this is required to be used for player and coach registration.

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