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STEP 1: Preparation Checklist for Each Event
Posted Apr 18, 2019

An event is also commonly referenced as program in Iowa Soccer terminology. One registration event could be for your Recreational player/coach registrations; another event for your Select player/coach registrations; and another for your 9U-10U Academy program (if state approved).

It is strongly suggested that you identify the below conditions/settings for each topic BEFORE you begin setting up your registration event in U.S. Soccer Connect and keep the below settings on hand, whether it be on a piece of paper or Word document.

The below conditions/settings can be updated after registration event is set up, but before registration opens, if needed: 

  • Open and close dates of your registration event. Reminder that early bird and late fee dates are included in this date range.
  • Gender and age group offerings –
    • Will you offer your parent/guardians coed, boys, and girl's options? Will you offer your parent/guardians single age group, or will you bundle certain age groups (i.e. 10U category for covers all players 9U-10U)
  • Price of each gender/age category
    • Each category must have a base fee. If your club is not accepting registration payments through this portal, you will set your base fee at $0.00
    • Will you offer a payment plan? SUGGESTION: Consider only offering payment plans for registration events that are annual. Keep seasonal (fall only/spring only) registrations to pay in full at time of registration or contact club for alternative options. Two payment plan options exist:
    • Will you have an early bird or late payment fee? If so, be prepared with the discount amount and/or late fee amount, and the dates that the discount and/or fee will be applied in your registration
  • Methods of payment you will make available to your parent/guradians
    • Cash, check, ACH e-check, and credit card are all methods you can allow your parent/guardians to use
    • REMINDER! You may now pass on credit card processing fees onto the individual family when setting up your registration. Decide if you want to pass on the processing fee prior to set up.
      • New to accepting ACH e-check and/or credit card? You need to set up a merchant account with Stack Sports and please contact me at to get connected to a Stack Sports representative.
    • Coupon codes
      • Do you want to offer coupon codes for board members or volunteers? Or do you have a special deal (outside of early bird or late fees)? Create the coupon codes now, and assign them to the registration event when you set up registration.
    • Family Discounts
      • You’ll be able to identify family discounts based on the number of children per family or if you’d like to set up a family maximum. You can also select to have no family discounts.
    • Confirmation Email and Success Page
      • These are not copied over from one event to another, so you may go into your past registration events and copy/paste your confirmation emails and success page type into a Word document for future use.
    • Club Waivers
      • Waivers used in past events are available to select for your registration event, but you also should be prepared with any new player or coach waivers.
    • Edit Forms for Registration – this part you’ll need to actively be in your U.S. Soccer Connect portal to complete. Please login to your club’s administrative website.
      • The six 2019-2020 State Master forms you are required to use (3 types of programs (Select, Recreational, and 9U-U10U Academy) X 2 types of registrations (players, coaches)). You may NOT use the 2018-2019 master forms for the 2019-2020 registration events, but you certainly can reference them for creation of your 2019-2020 form.
      • You may add questions to each of the forms to collect your club specific information. HOWEVER you must use the state master form and keep all REQUIRED information in the form, and in the same location within the form.
      • Read this customization notes BEFORE editing your forms:
        • CLUBS WITH PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATIONS (contact me if you are not sure if you fall under this umbrella) = REQUIRED to add the following questions to your form. The three questions below should be added and available to add in the form builder:
        • Country of Birth
        • Citizenship
        • Has this player played this sport while living outside the U.S.?
      • Clubs without a professional affiliation may remove the three questions listed above from their form.
      • Though strongly suggested by Iowa Soccer, clubs that offer recreational programs and do NOT want to collect medical insurance information and do NOT want the use of the auto-populated medical release waiver, may opt to remove these questions in their registration form at the bottom of the player section:
        • Does this player have medical insurance?
        • Insurance provider
        • Insurance provider phone
        • Policy holder
        • Policy #
        • Group #
      • To begin editing and customizing your form, click on the form name (hyperlinked in blue). PLEASE REMEMBER, do not delete or rearrange form questions already pre-loaded, unless you are a recreational program electing to not use the insurance questions.

Once you have checked off all the boxes above, you may begin to set up the registration events you will be offering for the 2019-2020 seasonal year in U.S. Soccer Connect. 

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