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STEP 3: Posting your Registration Event on your Website and Testing
Posted Apr 18, 2019

Please note: To post the registration event your open date must be indicated in the registration as TODAY. The special notes were added to each section of your set up for player and coach registration, but if that step was missed, you’ll need to go into your registration event and edit the open date to the current day to complete the steps below. You can always go back in and edit the open date after testing to the actual public open date. 

For more information and tools about the website, please visit

Once posted to your website, I strongly encourage you to test out each registration event. DO NOT PROCESS A PAYMENT AND DO NOT CLICK SUBMIT AT THE VERY END. Simply exit out and if corrections are needed, use the Manage Registrations section of the User Guide website.

Otherwise, when you believe your registration events are ready to go for 2019-2020, set that open date, publish on your site, and share publicly.

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