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Please use the User Guide linked below for software related processes, questions, references, etc. This site will give you step-by-step directions on logging in, setting up or editing your registration event, managing your data, meeting state requirements, and much more. There are direct links to the Stack Sports Knowledge Base that allow you to access the information you need in the order in which you need it. Furthermore, find product-expert best practice recommendations througout the guide that you can use to ensure your success within US Soccer Connect!

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Below are State Association rules and processes to be aware of while navigating the software. Please contact Iowa Soccer Association for any questions about the rules below:

Age ID Verification Process and Association Connect Details

How to activate (approve) rosters & Print roster and passes

Multiple Roster Process in U.S. Soccer Connect

Transfer Player Process in U.S. Soccer Connect

Creating an Event Roster in U.S. Soccer Connect

Association Fees - Details and Making Payment

Transition from Fall to Spring Registration Set Up Guide

Candice Fabry

Director of Member Services

(515) 252-6363 ext. 101

Age/ID Verification
  • Players will be verified by the administrators of Iowa Soccer Associaiton or by club admins upon request.
    • Please reach out to Iowa Soccer Association if you'd like the ability Age/ID Verify players as a club administrators.
  • Player verification is not required prior to assigning players to rosters.
  • Player verification is required for all players registering to Iowa Soccer Association.
  • Guide to Age/ID Verification Process
Background Checks
  • Coaches are required to register from the front end of each registration website within Iowa Soccer Association.
  • All coaches need to agree to an authorization in order to have their background check run.
  • Coaches will have their background check run by association administrators.
  • Iowa Soccer Association is partnered with Reference Services to have their background checks run.
  • How to check coach pool for required documents and send email reminders
Team Activation
  • All coaches must have a cleared background check in order to be assigned to a team.
  • All players must be Age/ID verified after uploading their birth certificate or documentation required for proof of age.
  • Players are not allowed to play down, but players are able to play up.
  • Concussion and abuse training (SafeSport) must be completed by each coach in order for their team to be approved.
  • Player/coach cards can only be printed for approved teams.
  • How to activate (approve) rosters & print roster and passes
Cards & State Rosters
  • All players except recreational players in the age group U-08 and below are required to have a player card printed.
  • Players must be Age/ID Verified before they're able to print their card.
  • Coaches have a clear background check and be SafeSport/Concussion compliant in order to have a clear background check.
  • Teams must be approved in order for cards to be printed for players and coaches on that team.
  • Player cards and state rosters are printed by club administrators from Club & League Connect.
  • Creating an event roster
Iowa Soccer Association Engagement Details
  • Players
    • Players must register online or be admin added.
    • Age/ID Documents and Photos must be uploaded in order for the player to be Age/ID Verified.
    • Players are Age/ID Verificed by Iowa Soccer Association administrators OR club administrators with access to Age/ID Verify players from Association Connect. If club administrators do not have access to Association Connect to Age/ID Verify players, they will need to reach out to Iowa Soccer Association state administrators to gain access to do so.
    • Player cards must be printed for all players except recreational players within the age group of U-08 or below.
  • Coaches
    • Coaches must register online. Coaches CANNOT be admin added.
    • All coaches need to have a cleared background check, a CDC Concussion Training and Education certificate uploaded (valid two years), and a SafeSport Abuse Awareness and Training certificate of completion (valid one year).
    • All coaches need to have cards printed.
  • Teams
    • All teams must be activated and approved. Team activation is requested by club administrators.
    • All teams must have a state roster printed by a club admin.